Our Mission

Our mission at Velocity Sports Rehab is to provide the highest quality sports chiropractic care to the athletic population. Whether you are in pain or want to perform at a higher level, we are here to help you move better. 

Not an athlete? Think again, we define anyone who does physical activity an athlete. No matter if you are trying to get in shape or training for a triathlon, Velocity Sports Rehab is for you. 

We are all athletes. The only difference is some of us are in training and some of us are not.
— Dr. George Sheehan

Core Values

  • Accountability - Our team will do everything in our power to help you achieve your goals. However, it is important for you to take ownership of your health. To achieve your goals, it is necessary that you are proactive in your care plan.
  • Community - As a part of the healthcare system, we are invested in building a healthier community. We are passionate about health and want to share our passion for better movement with our community.
  • Conservative - While drugs and surgery have their time and place, our goal is to help you without them when possible. Of course, we will always recommend what will be best for you.
  • Evidence-Informed - Sometimes we can get a little nerdy, but that's okay. We strive to stay current with the research in our field and to apply it in our plans. This also means that our treatments can vary from one visit to another because of new research. 
  • Integrity - Our treatments are based on our honest, professional opinions. We will explain your condition to you, recommend appropriate treatment plans, and explain your treatment options. We want to get you back to your life as soon as possible.
  • Teamwork - Velocity Sports Rehab will collaborate with other health and fitness professionals to provide you with the highest quality care. Whether it is your massage therapist or your medical doctor, we want to work as a team on your behalf.